3 Motifs and such

First off, I'm a week ahead on my tatting :) Completed Motif 2, 3, and 4 (21 motif's left)

I completed "Second Day of December" from Lene Bjørn's "24 snowflakes in tatting" - needle tatted in Omega size 30.

Second Day of December

Secondly I completed Jon Yusoff's "'Quantiesque' Snowflake" - needle tatted using Lady Shuttlemaker's HDT "Helm's Deep" in size 20.

'Quantiesque' Snowflake

I also needle tatted a ribbon in size 20 Cebelia - color pink - for breast cancer awareness. They will be available for purchase in my etsy store along with AIDS ribbons. 1/2 of the proceeds will be donated to research.


There's knitting finished, but hats are hard to photograph when you have no willing head to put them on... I'll post those later


  1. Nice tatting Nathan. And I just love the torshon mouse from the previous blog. You are very clever to rest your hand to so many crafts.

  2. Your tatting is beautiful down. I did this years ago and forgotten most of the "pain" by now!! Keep up your fiber art...most talented man! I found through pottery googling....go figure!