FOs, Motif 1, the week ahead

So this week was productive, well as productive as I felt like being anyway, which seemed to be productive.

First off, I finished my brother's Habitat Hat. The pattern is on Ravelry.

Habitat hat 2

Habitat hat 2

Secondly, I finished my first motif for the 25 Motif Challenge :) (only 24 more to go, *groan*)

25 Motif Challenge #1

It's shuttle tatted using Omega size 30 thread from HandyHands Tatting. The motif "5th Day of December" from Lene Bjørn's "24 snowflakes in tatting".

Lastly for the week I finished a set of Prototype fingerless mitts I'm titling "Trellis Mitts". I used the basic mitt construction from Smariek Knits Cable mitts (found here) so I had a blank slate and a guide to make a gusseted thumb (because I'm clueless on stuff like that - rather on where to start the increases, how many to increase, etc...).

With the Blank side I wanted to use the trellis from Exartstudent's Claudia hat (found here), but run it all the way up the back side w/ a plain knit plam (i don't like textured palms)

Right Trellis Mitt

Left Trellis Mitt

If you would like to test knit this pattern for me before I submit it to Rav I'd appreciate it :)

Oh! I almost forgot! I started to make Idrija lace. It's a narrow tape type lace and I'm enjoying making my first project, but OMG so many turns in the pricking!!!!!! *pulls hair out*

Here's my mouse (well, what I'd completed when I took the pics anyway)

Idrija Lace Mouse

Idrija Lace Mouse

Oh, and it uses sooooooo many less pairs of bobbins than Torchon.. I ma be in love


  1. I like the cap and the motif. great work.
    how long did the hat take?

  2. After the mouse, the next step is a giraffe. I learned Idrija lace in Idrija 8 years ago, in a classroom with little kids who thought it was hilarious that a grown-up was making a mouse like a little kid. I'm trying to relearn it now in order to teach my guild next week.