3 Motifs and such

First off, I'm a week ahead on my tatting :) Completed Motif 2, 3, and 4 (21 motif's left)

I completed "Second Day of December" from Lene Bjørn's "24 snowflakes in tatting" - needle tatted in Omega size 30.

Second Day of December

Secondly I completed Jon Yusoff's "'Quantiesque' Snowflake" - needle tatted using Lady Shuttlemaker's HDT "Helm's Deep" in size 20.

'Quantiesque' Snowflake

I also needle tatted a ribbon in size 20 Cebelia - color pink - for breast cancer awareness. They will be available for purchase in my etsy store along with AIDS ribbons. 1/2 of the proceeds will be donated to research.


There's knitting finished, but hats are hard to photograph when you have no willing head to put them on... I'll post those later